Windows Phone 7 Mango’s Tastiest Features

Apple has the iOS, Android is on more smartphones than you can count, and Microsoft has Windows Phone 7 – codename Mango. Microsoft is hitting the smartphone scene hard and these are the sweetest features of the new Windows Phone 7 Mango. Office 365 Integration Office 365 is the new cloud-based and mobile friendly version of Microsoft’s popular “Office” program suit ‘” and Windows Phone 7 Mango is offering a fresh serving of Office 365. Windows Phone 7 Mango’s Office Hub will feature SkyDrive integration for cloud-based document browsing, popular Microsoft Office suite software including Outlook, Word, OneNote and more, and lots of other cool Office features ‘” putting the “Windows” in WP7 Mango. Bing Tools As with Office, Microsoft’s Bing will also play a key role in Windows Phone 7 Mango with several tools that play on Bing’s best features and brings the most out of WP7. Mango will feature great Bing features including Bing Maps, which features turn by turn navigation support, Bing Audio, which detects live audio and gives you the artist and track name, and Bing Vision, which willow you to point any Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone at QR codes, Books, CDs, DVDs, and Microsoft Tags and be able to instantly search the web for more information on the product. Zune Music Support Listening to music via WP7 Mango will be a blast and although Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player is no longer on store shelves, it’s alive and well via the new Windows Phone 7 Mango. Mango will offer Zune Smart DJ which is a smart technology that chooses similar artists to those that you enjoy, WP7 will feature a full-fledged Zune player, and will also allow users to display currently playing artists as their screen saver. Messaging Features If you’re a big fan of text messaging and sending messages via Email, you’re going to love Windows Phone 7 Mango. WP7 Mango will offer a bevy of messaging features including Group Messaging, Lync instant messaging client, conversation view in outlook (which makes it easy to view conversation history) and even voice to text messaging ‘” which will come in handy, especially if you’re on the road.

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