Twitter Account Creator Bot Updated with Issues.

This is what really irritates me, Users. Users who use our bots, And blame us for the lack of functionality. I Don’t mean those who simply say “Help, Your bot isn’t working, Twitter is asking for Phone Verification” I’m fine with that, I Understand that the bot is facing this issue. HOWEVER, There are users that literately say this. “Hey, Plz, Fix your bot, Make it automated, i cri, plz, cry cry.” And the messages goes on. Oh my god, I Can’t start with this. ALRIGHT. First of all, . If your paying HUNDREDS Of dollars for a really advanced and constantly updating bot, THAT’S A whole other issue. WE Aren’t that big of a company to provide constant promising to be working updates for a software that generates accounts on a service, WHILE The service is constantly updating to prevent this. SO PLEASE, Think! We cannot promise that it will last forever, JUST Like Rediffmail Account Creator Bot it was discounted because the same Indian company that tried to hack into our Databases to compromise personal information decided to put phone verification in their signup page and randomize the source code. We knew we had to discount the bot because since it was 2013 we couldn’t find a way to have the bot handle phone verification, AND NOTE IT Never handled email verification too! But now it’s 2015. And we know we will at least try to make Twitter Account Creator Bot Live as technology has improved a lot. We will attempt to keep it updated SO FAR We know that Sometimes twitter DOES NOT ask you for phone verification if they detect that your location is in the United States or In Canada, So that’s why we said try using a VPN or PROXY, But NO! Someone just said “What a waste of time, the bot doesn’t even work, Not even VPN or proxy support will help me” .. like i said, PLEASE THINK. We’ve been updating the bot since 2012. We are trying our best with the minimal resources we have to find a solution to phone verification but lately that’s been hard due to the lack of donations. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE OUR BOT. DO NOT USE IT. DO NOT COMPLAIN TO US DO NOT GO SPAMMING SAYING “THIS BOT SUCKS” WE’VE BEEN UPDATING IT SINCE 2012. AND IT’S BEEN USED BY MANY, MANY, USERS. AND WE RELEASE SO MUCH UPDATES TO KEEP IT UPDATED FOR FREE. Why’d you gotta be complaining about something that’s free. We don’t know if Twitter Account Creator bot will be discounted or not, We hope not. We want to keep it alive but the community isn’t helping a bit despite how much you guys use it. We aren’t asking for donations, However it’ll help a lot. We are asking you to please reconsider before complaining about something that’s free and has been through many updates to be kept alive. Thank you for your understanding. – The Development team of Kipesoft Incorporated.

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