Top 9 Traffic Sources You Should Test

“Want to drive highly targeted traffic to your offers in less then 24 hours?” I want to share with you 9 traffic sources that you can use to build your list, run a CPA campaign, or sell your products online. All of these traffic source are great because: * You can literally get started in minutes * The minimum deposit to start ranges from $25 – $100 * It’s an easy do-it-yourself type of interface * Ads are quickly approved and your campaigns go live So let’s start with my 9 traffic sources:


Much better than Google Adwords. You can link directly to your squeeze page. You can redirect traffic to CPA offers. Your ads are approved quickly and you are set to go. There is plenty of traffic available here. Bing search is on the rise and at this moment it has over 20% of the search engine market. While Google has the majority share, Google also has premium pricing for its PPC network. With some payments reaching even over $20 just for a click. On the other hand, Bing Ads still has areas where you can get clicks for only 5c. You may want to give this a go! Test Bing Ads you want regret it!


The best way to get quality clicks and the quickest way to build your email list. With solo ads you are paying someone to send an email to their list. These are a little more expensive than other traffic sources but these are quality traffic leads. You can pay anywhere from 17c to $1.5 a click. But these leads are super targeted! To justify the premium pricing for clicks let’s go thru why solo ads are really worth it. If you are paying for a click, the person has to already be subscribed to an email list for a particular niche (targeting no.1). Then that person has to read your subject line and click your email (targeting no.2). Then they have to read your email and if they are interested click your link (targeting no.3). When they reach your squeeze page or offer page they already know what is expected. They are warmer leads and higher quality than PPC. This traffic source is by far the best for building your list and getting sales. The best places I have found to buy solo ads are: These are the best marketplaces for solo ads because they have an easy system set up for placing an order. You pick a solo ad vendor, write your email swipe, and pay for the solo ad. Plus there are plenty of testimonials, so you will know which vendors have quality traffic vs. fake traffic!


You can get cheap clicks and run a promoted tweet campaign. Just don’t follow the suggest bid price. As they want to maximise profit they suggest 60c minimum bid and up. I usually bet between 5c – 20c for clicks. It’s a good PPC network because your tweets may be retweeted and you get views for free. But be aware that mostly this traffic is mobile. A whopping 86% of twitter user’s access it via phone… so make sure that your pages are mobile optimized! Click here for Twitter Ads


You can get penny clicks. 1c clicks are a possibility with this network. But be warned that these are not top quality clicks and much traffic will be fake traffic. But at 1c-3c per click it’s still worth to give it a try and test out your campaigns! Once you optimize your campaign this traffic source can turn profitable for you! Just don’t expect the same quality as you would find in Bing or via Solo Ads! Go to 7 Search


A good source for PPC mobile traffic. These are banner ads that users see on their phones and tablets. Pricing is based on a CPC basis. You can get clicks for 5c. You can send this traffic to your landing page (must be mobile or tablet optimized) and collect email addresses.


Another alternative for cheap mobile traffic. With decisive you can set it for PPC or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) basis. I would recommend going for CPM and setting it at least 50c. When the campaign starts you will get penny clicks and loads of traffic! But keep in mind 2 key factors… this is a mobile PPC network, and you will need to track all your campaigns and optimize before getting plenty of signups or conversions. Go to Decisive


A great place to start with PPV. They offer 2 types of traffic: Pop up and Domain Redirect. They have plenty of traffic for almost every country and you may even pay a small fraction of a penny for an advert. It’s a great place to experiment with PPV traffic (if you are new). It’s easy to setup and get going within minutes! But remember to test on a smaller scale first. As without safeguards $100 could be blown within minutes of launching your campaign. Check out zeropark


This network has many targeting options just like Facebook. You will pay anywhere from 10c to 20c per viewing of your web page. You can target mobile devices or desktop pcs. You can specify gender, age, interests and much more targeting options. When you start just make sure to test your ad first with a small budget. They have loads of traffic available and if you start big you may fail big and lose much money. Please note: Any type of advert on Stumbleupon must immediately catch the user’s attention to ensure that the person stays on you page. Otherwise they may stumble upon it and skip past it just as fast.


Want to experiment with popunder ads then try PopAds. You get great targeting options at really low cost. Bidding is on a CPM basis and the lowest is $1 per thousand popunders. It can be worth to experiment with this type of traffic. Popunders are different than pop ups as they are not blocked by the browser. You can get loads of traffic to your website / offer at a low cost. Best of all is you can get started within minutes and the minimum deposit is only $10!  

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