Top 7 Tips To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your LCD TV

In the recent past, LCD TVs have taken over the technological industry by storm. They are known providing excellent balance between contrast and brightness. LCD TVs also feature anti-glare technology which has finally eliminated the long-time problem of TV viewing. LCD TVs can be viewed satisfactorily even under very bright conditions. And the great thing about LCD TVs is that they have become more and more affordable in the recent years. LCD TVs are known to have a longer lifespan compared to other TV technologies. And it is for this reason that people find it ideal to invest on it. The average lifespan of one set is sixteen years of viewing hours. But people can actually extend that lifespan as long as they use their LCD TVs properly and take care of it. If you have an LCD TV, here are some tips on how to maintain it. You would not want your TV from overheating. That is why you have to put it somewhere where it would be able to enjoy adequate ventilation. Most people store their TVs in a cabinet – this is not practical unless your cabinet has air holes that would cool the television. Also, never put your TV too close to the wall. Leave enough space for air to circulate. Avoid putting it near thick curtains that would prevent proper air circulation, so place it in a cool place. LED TVs are so good that it is always enjoyable to go on a TV show or movie marathon. But it is important that you let your TV take a rest. Like humans, machines get tired too – well, in a different kind of way. You would not want to overuse your TV especially if you do not want it to overheat. You also would not want the pixels getting burnt. If you think that you have been watching for a long time, let your TV take a rest. You would be able to rest your eyes at the same time. You should also consider plugging your TV to a surge protector. Surges are among the top causes of damaged electrical appliances. Surges cannot only occur through outlets. They can also occur through television antenna connections as well as cable connections. This means that you would have to purchase the appropriate surge protectors for your TV. You should never touch your LCD screen. In the first place, there is no good reason to do so. But if you feel the urge to point at something at the screen, don’t. Touching the LCD screen can result to dead pixels. It can also result to poor image quality in general. Or worse, if something has been in hard contact with the screen, there might be a complete loss of function. The kids are usually the ones that love to touch the screen so teach them not to do that. If you ever are to clean your TV screen, use clean and dry gloves. Handle the device with utmost care. It is normal for the TV to gather a lot of dust especially if you live in a dusty area. Make sure you dust your TV regularly – if possible, four or five times in a week. If your TV gets really dirty, dust it once a day if necessary. Dust is known to block proper airflow. Although rare, dust can also cause electrical shocks. The worst thing that dust can do is to cause damage to the internal parts of your TV. Clean your TV with a lint-free microfiber fabric. If there are stubborn smudges and finger prints, you can use a suitable LCD screen cleaning product. LCD televisions are known to be very heavy. That is why you should make sure that you place it properly where you intend it to be. If you are to put it on a TV rack, make sure that it is stable. It should be able to stay in its place even if a low intensity earthquake strikes. If you ever mount your TV on your wall, purchase a durable and high quality wall mount. Do not settle for cheap ones unless you want to wake up one morning with your TV destroyed on the floor. Ensure that the A burn in occurs whenever images become stationary on the screen for long periods of time. Burn-ins are caused by channel logos and even video game logos. In order to avoid burn-ins, make sure you change the channels from time to time. This is so that pixels would be able to take a rest. Again, you have to consider turning your TV off once in a while. If you ever need to have your LCD TV repaired, do consider Holdcroft Services Inc. We provide television repair  in Whitby, Oshawa, East Scarborough, and many other areas.

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