Top 5 Mobile Video Players for Android Phones

Android phones have come a long way in the past couple of years and playing videos is one of the key elements users are interested in. The Android Market has numerous video players available, but it’s difficult choosing the best one without trying them all. Everything in the Android Market is rated by users, but you can’t rely on ratings alone. I have taken the time to try out every mobile video player I could get my hands on and have come up with a definitive list of the “Top 5 Mobile Video Players For Android Phones”. To save you time sifting through all the junk, these are the top 5 mobile video players you should consider: mVideoPlayer The mVideoPayer application is highly rated by Android Market users and is certainly one of the best options out there. It has a rather large install at 2.6MB, so you’ll want to move it over to your SD card for optimal use. The main drawback with mVideoPlayer is the fact that it will only play videos that are already supported by your phone. The real bonus you get with this video player is the fact that it allows you to open videos with other applications. This fact turns mVideoPlayer into a powerful video library browser. You get an extremely clean interface with this app and it will be good enough for most users. RockPlayer Lite RockPlayer Lite is a more powerful option than mVideoPlayer, but the ad-supported nature might annoy some users. If you thought mVideoPlayer had a large install file, you definitely will not be prepared for the 13MB install of RockPlayer Lite. While the install file is definitely huge, if you have the space on your SD card, it’s definitely worth the giant amount of space. Videos on RockPlayer Lite play extremely smooth. With this app, you’re basically getting a high performance media player with tons of functions. It’s definitely worth the cost of viewing ads. arcMedia Player The arcMedia Player is currently in beta testing, but it’s already an extremely useful application. It has support for a very wide variety of video formats including DIVX, AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV, RMVB, WMV, XVID, VOB and more. Unfortunately, DRM files (encoded WMV streams) are not currently supported. For a completely free program, arcMedia Player is extremely impressive. According to the publisher, a new version will be released in the near future. This program has a lot of potential and I’m eagerly waiting to see what the new version will bring. The download for this media players is approximately 4.4MB. Act 1 Video Player The Act 1 Video Player is the perfect option for someone running out of space on their phone. If you can’t handle the larger downloads of the above programs, you’ll certainly be happy to find out Act 1 Video Player has a tiny 243KB download. If you don’t have room for that, you simply have too much “junk” on your phone. The main advantage of this player is the fact that it’s designed to play various iPhone formats, which is rare among Android applications. It’s a simple and easy to use player that will fit the bill for most people. If this free app doesn’t have all the power you need, there is a full paid version available. VPlayer VPlayer is simply the best overall option when talking about mobile video players from the Android Market. The 3MB download can easily be stored on your SD card. VPlayer can be downloaded as a full-featured free trial, but you’ll definitely want to drop a couple dollars on the full paid version if you are serious about videos. Of all the video players for Android, VPlayer is the most versatile application available. It supports a wide variety of formats including numerous streaming video formats. VPlayer is billed as “the best video player for Android” and it certainly met all of my expectations.

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