Tips for Building a Profitable Opt-in Newsletter Subscriber Base

Having a newsletter is a must for anyone doing business online. A newsletter is the main lifeline to the customer. It’s through the newsletter that businesses can let customers know about sales and discounts or updates to their website. Online marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. Opt-in marketing can greatly increase repeat visitors to your site, and drastically increase sales of your services or products. The wonderful thing about an opt-in mailing list is that the subscriber is wanting to receive emails from you, meaning they are interested in hearing from you on a regular basis. One of the goals for your website should be to gain subscribers to your newsletter. It’s important that your newsletter be an opt-in newsletter, and that you don’t just add people or email addresses to your mailing list on your own. The opt-in feature is to ensure that the person wants your emails so that you are not spamming them. Opt-in means that the subscriber has to sign up for our newsletter and then confirm that subscription via the email they signed up with. This prevents anyone from just adding them or subscribing them without their permission or knowledge. Put a sign up form on every page of your website. Most of your visitors will come from to your site from a search engine, and they could land on any page. Give them the option of signing up for your newsletter no matter what page they land on. Focus on a niche for your newsletter. Instead of trying to do a little of everything out there, focus on one main niche area of interest. For example, if your interest is teddy bears, your website and newsletter could focus on teddy bear clothing or designer made teddy bears. Instead of trying to do all things regarding teddy bears, focus in on a small niche. Keep fresh content on your site and as you update the site, relay the news to your subscribers. Keeping interesting and fresh content will help keep from losing subscribers. Give subscribers something new to look forward to. Pick a day that your newsletter goes out and keep on that schedule. Your readers will know when to expect to hear from you. Don’t send something out every day, because most likely readers will grow tired of an everyday mailing. Once a week is the best option, although some choose to send out only on a monthly basis. When you are getting material ready for your newsletter, be honest in product descriptions, etc. Don’t give your readers a lot of hype about something that you know doesn’t work as well as you are saying it does. Don’t say you have tried something that you’ve in fact never tried or used. Be honest with your subscribers. They will appreciate the honesty and see that you can be trusted. Trust is important in business. Gain the trust of the readers and don’t lose it. On occasion, ask subscribers their thoughts on what you can do to improve your newsletter. Ask them what they want to see more of or less of. Remember that the customer is the lifeline to you making a profit. For example, even though you might love the layout of your newsletter, your readers might find it less than appealing. Go with what works best for your mailing list. The subscribers are the ones reading it, so you want to please them overall. Even in the internet age, word of mouth is still the biggest and best advertising. Word of mouth can still make or break a business, and word of mouth can bring in new subscribers. Keeping a friendly appearance and attending to the needs of your subscribers on your mailing list can cause a domino affect. People will take about your business, your website will get more hits, and your subscriber base will grow. Never sell your mailing list. Never give away your mailing list, or share it. When a subscriber joins your opt-in mailing list, they are not joining for your to sell or share their personal and private information or email address. They are joining to receive updates and newsletters from you, and you alone. This comes back to the trust issue. Your subscribers trust that you will not sell them out. Offer a potential subscriber a sample newsletter on your website. Be sure to keep the sample newsletter up to date so that the reader can see just what they will be getting when they opt-in to your newsletter. It’s also a good idea to keep back issues of newsletters archived on your site. This gives readers and visitors the opportunity to look at older issues they might have missed. Avoid sending out newsletters that are too heavy in advertising. While the goal of a newsletter is often to make a profit, no subscriber wants to get newsletters that contain nothing but a constant barrage of ads wanting them to buy something on a continual basis. Your good reputation and the trust of your readers will build your mailing list size and increase your subscriber base.

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