Mind-controlled bike let’s you change gears with your mind

As a giant leap toward driverless driving, Deeplocal has developed a concept of a bike that allows your mind to dictate the changing of the gears. The bike was in development under the Toyota Prius Project. At first, the bike’s gear system was controlled by a smartphone app. After realizing the uselessness of such a system, developers worked towards allowing that app to be controlled by the mind. This would be done by placing a set of neuron transmitters to the helmet and reconfiguring the system a bit. Ultimately, the bike’s gears can be switched merely by thinking about switching the gears. The concept of controlling objects with only body functions has been in development for a while. Really smart people are working on computers that can be controlled by a combination of what you are thinking and what you a focusing on in the screen. Of course, Google and Toyota partnered to work on creating a car that can drive itself. Google has also introduced the idea of Gmail Motion, an April Fools joke that made people believe that they could now control their Gmail inbox through body motions. Gmail Motion, although a joke, gave developers the idea of turning it into reality. One developer was successful at this by hacking the Xbox Kinnect to work on a computer. He then developed a program that recognized body motions through the Kinnect and performed operations based on the recognized body motions. What do you think about this new technology? Tap your mouth to start a new comment to tell us! (There will be those who sit here for 5 minutes trying to start a new comment by tapping their mouth.)

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