Looking at Kitchen Bar Stools

Many people don’t know that kitchen bar stools are extremely useful pieces of furniture brought to us by furniture manufacturers. These stools can be found in different heights and sizes, with or without handles and other different kinds. You can choose to buy a set or one, according to your tastes and preferences from whichever furniture store you want to because these days, furniture manufacturers often keep these stools because they are in demand. If you are thinking of buying kitchen bar stools, you should be clear in your mind about the right design and style. Moreover, it is also important to choose the right height stool for your kitchen. Irrespective of the kitchen being a home kitchen or a office kitchen, these important considerations should not be neglected. When it comes to the height of these kitchen bar stools, you should first measure your dining table, counter or bar, taking the inches tape and measuring from the floor to the surface’s base. Once you have obtained this measurement, the seat should at least be 10-12 inches from the surface’s base. This assures that there is ample amount of space in between the stool and the surface. Moreover, if you are looking for kitchen bar stoolsthat will fulfill most of the height specifications, you should opt for a stool that has a gas lift mechanism as it will allow for the stool to have variable height. There are other benefits of the gas lift editions of the stools which include swivel action that allows for the stools to enable getting on and off them easy. Moreover, if you are searching for a stool that can fit under a usual kitchen counter height, it is best to get a seat that is in between 24 to 26 inches tall so that it can fit under a counter table that is 35-36 inches tall. Kitchen Bar Stools Moreover, if you are looking for kitchen bar stools that can fit easily under a bar height, it is best to select a stool that has a seat height measurement of 28-30 inches so that it can fit easily under a bar table that is 40-42 inches. Additionally, if you are on a lookout for a seat that can be placed easily under a high bar, it is better to buy a bar stool which is 32-34 inches in height so that it can be placed easily under a bar table that has a height of 45-48 inches, which in equivalent to 1140-1220 mm. After the height of the kitchen bar stools is determined, you should then move on to decide how many seats do you want and how many can fit in the space you are looking to fit them in. You have to make sure to not over stuff the place with too many stools because if you do that, the essence of these stools being space effective will be lost, since irrespective of how space saving these stools are, if you over stuff any area with them, they will look bad.

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