iPhone 5 Will Not Arrive In June, Yes It Will, No It Won’t

It seems that the rumors regarding whether or not the iPhone 5 will arrive for consumers in June or later has been a hot topic with the rumor mill this week. Many reported that it will be delivered in June and many reported that it will not be delivered in June. These dueling reports are enough to make your head spin and are much worse then all the rumors about what may or may not be included in the coming iPhone 5. We have even participated in the rumors writing about the delay of the next iPhone, so we are to blame as well. It seems that this particular issue has spun out of control and it is time for Apple to come out and make an announcement as to what is going to happen with delivery of the next iPhone. They do not have to disclose what will be in the iPhone 5, but put to rest all of this speculation. People are reading into just about any information (rumor) that comes out of Asia or elsewhere. These rumors come from unnamed sources and since they are anonymous, cannot be confirmed. The latest one came from a South Korean source and some of the information could be considered suspect, such as the iPhone 5 coming during the WWDC conference in June. Apple has generally released the phones several weeks after the conference so that developers have time to make changes to support the latest generation phone. Apple is in a strange position right now with a number of changes going on in the industry and all related to the point in time of their next version of the iPhone. There is the NFC chips associated with the Mobile Wallet which should be in full swing by early 2012. There is the LTE networks in the US from multiple wireless carriers which should be covering most of the US by early 2012. Just these two alone is going to force Apple to address them in the next iPhone. They cannot wait until June 2012 and if they chose to not include them, others most certainly will. Without some clear information from Apple, these on and off rumors about delivery of the iPhone 5 are going to spiral out of control until we get to the end of June. That is months of rumors floating around. Apple has enjoyed the free publicity over the years with these kinds of rumors, but these are going to start to hurt them as competition keeps growing in the Android OS. If people hear one week that the iPhone is coming in June and then hear the next week that it is not, there is confusion. With that confusion, some will look at other phones because of that confusion.

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