Anonymous Stalking With Private Insta Stalker [100% WORKS]

Insta stalker is a term used for stalking people on Instagram without them knowing. In other words, it’s a way of looking at their profiles anonymously. It might suggest to the account’s overall impressions. But they cannot see that it was you who was looking into their profile.

If you want to see someone’s Instagram story or posts or profile, but you don’t want them to know, then Insta stalker is a great way to do that. If the user’s profile is private, then you will have no access to view their profile. Of course, if you are using websites like Private Photo Viewer, then perhaps you have a problem. If you want to become an Instagram stalker, then it is an important thing to reach for help from friends, professionals etc. There are also some ways to kick your insta stalkers out and say goodbye to them so that they won’t bother you again.

Make your account private:

Yes. Make your account private. This is the first step. This helps you to filter those who can have access to view your profile because if someone wants to stalk or look into your profile, they have to follow you. This way you can get notified by those who are stalking your account. It is a good idea not to accept the request from the unknown persons. So that you do not have any risk of stalking by someone else, this step gives you total control over your account. If somebody wants to follow you, they have to send you a request. That is simple and great. It is easy to make Instagram accounts private. Just follow these steps mentioned here, and you will be able to make your Instagram account private. Go to Instagram and open the Instagram settings there. After opening the Instagram settings, click on the privacy option available there. After clicking on that, make your privacy settings to the public. That’s all you have now changed the privacy settings on your Instagram account. If your account is a business account, then there is no option to change the privacy settings there, but you can easily change for, a business account to the regular version of the account if you want to be private.

Block those insta stalkers:

Once Your account is private or not, block those users who are stalking you. If you block the people when you are in private, then there is a 100% chance that no one except you followers and the people who you will trust will see the posts and stories. If you are public, you might have found that you have blocked a lot of users who are stalking your account for some days or years. To block someone on Instagram just follow the mentioned steps here and you can block the users who are stalking your account for no reasons. To block someone on Instagram just go to their Instagram page and click the three dots on the top right corner of the page that is visible. Click on the block and then press agree. That’s all you have blocked the user who is stalking your Instagram account for no reason. You will have a list of the blocked accounts on your privacy settings under the blocked accounts. From there you can unblock anyone at any time.

Message Your insta stalker:

If you are brave enough, you can message your insta stalker. Send them a message and even comment on one of their stories or photos or posts. Send a message that you want to stop them stalking on your Instagram profile. This will alert the persons who are stalking your account and make them a little bit creepy. After commenting or messaging on one of their posts or pics, your things will get probably ugly or even worse. So after doing this, just block them. That’s all. Call to the authorities: If you are getting some inappropriate messages or threatening messages, it is requested to contact the authorities. If still, the problem persists, it is essential to contact the local police authorities in the cyberbullying and crime department. Instagram is a big corporation to deal with each and every individual. So it is requested to contact the local police authorities.